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Kayaking Product Reviews

crescent crew tandem - the big man's suv kayak

Crescent Crew Tandem – The Big Man’s SUV Kayak

I’ve had the Crescent Crew tandem for about a month now and wanted to do a more in-depth review of this great boat. I’m a big guy at 6’ 1” and 240 pounds.  I was looking for a “big man’s” kayak that could haul people and gear like an SUV.  I also wanted to have the option of adding a trolling motor...

kayaks:  the suv vs the sports car

Kayaks: The SUV VS The Sports Car

Over the last 20 years, I’ve had a number of kayaks from 10′ up to 16′ by different manufacturers. Some worked well – but some just didn’t get the job done. This spring, I have narrowed the fleet down to two boats that fit just about any conditions except the true whitewater rapids in Virginia. I mainly paddle in the Rappahannock River,...

kayak shop visit - oak tree outfitters

Kayak Shop Visit – Oak Tree Outfitters

Since the pandemic, kayaks have been hard to come by. But Oak Tree Outfitters in Gloucester County VA has a fresh supply! I picked up a new Crescent Crew yesterday and couldn’t believe how many boats Travis has in inventory right now! FeelFree, Vanhunks, Vibe, Three Rivers, etc., etc. Fishing kayaks, SUP’s, recreational boats – you know they won’t last long. Summer...

feelfree aventura v2 - 14' sea kayak review

FeelFree Aventura V2 – 14′ Sea Kayak Review

I celebrated spring by buying a 2021 FeelFree Aventura V2 14′ kayak with skeg! After being wait-listed for over a year, I found that Oak Tree Outfitters in Gloucester VA had stock on many FeelFree and Vibe kayaks in their shop. Owner, Travis Jenkins, had the Aventura in stock and in my color. He has a great selection of fishing kayaks right...

kayak seat upgrade or retrofit

Kayak Seat Upgrade Or Retrofit

I found this great kayak seat upgrade from GCI that just drops into the seat well in my kayak. It gives me all-day paddling comfort, and can go in and out instantly for use on shore. The high back is great for support, while not hindering a full trunk rotation when paddling. The GCI Outdoor SitBacker Adjustable Seat! Designed for canoes, this...