Kayaks: The SUV VS The Sports Car

Over the last 20 years, I’ve had a number of kayaks from 10′ up to 16′ by different manufacturers.

Some worked well – but some just didn’t get the job done. This spring, I have narrowed the fleet down to two boats that fit just about any conditions except the true whitewater rapids in Virginia.

Kayaks:  The SUV VS The Sports Car

I mainly paddle in the Rappahannock River, Piankatank River and the Chesapeake Bay.

These are all fairly open tidal areas where conditions can change in just a few minutes. Sometimes they are like a placid lake, but a storm can come up and turn them into a raging sea when you least expect it. So I choose to paddle longer boats that can handle it on the rough water days.

The SUV – Crescent Crew Tandem 13′ Kayak

I mainly paddle in the Rappahannock River, Piankatank River and the Chesapeake Bay.

At 13′ feet, the Crescent Crew features a “2 + 1” design. It comes with two seats that can be moved around or taken away to suit a numbers of paddlers. Mounted in the center of the boat, the Crew offers a huge flat deck for the solo paddler or fisherman to work. With both frame seats installed in the ends, you can carry friends, kids, dogs, etc., etc. for a fun day out on the water. The front seat can be rotated to face the back so you can keep an eye on your passengers. The seats also fold down flat if anyone needs a quick nap. Bring all your gear! The boat can float up to 600 pounds of people and “stuff”.

The Crescent Crew Tandem Kayak

Comfortable Frame Seats
Adjustable Foot Pegs
Huge Carrying Capacity
Rocker Hull Shape
High Stability Sitting/Standing
Open Deck Area

The Crescent Crew makes a great family boat – or a work boat for divers and fishermen alike. There are options for a raised seat pan for make sight-fishing easier, and it is so stable that you can stand up and paddle it like a SUP. Crescent has provided many custom outfitting options for tracks, anchor trolleys, poles, etc. You can customize this kayak for your particular needs.

The Sports Car – FeelFree Aventura V2 14′ Kayak

The Sports Car - FeelFree Aventura V2 14' Kayak
The Sports Car - FeelFree Aventura V2 14' Kayak

Comfortable Padded Seat
Adjustable Foot Pegs
Built-In Skeg
Bulkheads Fore And Aft
Easy Close Hatches
Good Rocker And Stability

The Aventura is a lively 14′ sea kayak designed to take paddlers to the next level. Add a spray skirt as I did, and you can master your advanced strokes and rolling techniques, while extending the season to 9 months. It tracks like an arrow with a high degree of glide on each stroke. This boat is made for going in a straight line for a long time! But with the skeg up, the back end swings around with just a little edging required. You may not be able to carry the family dog, but it is a fun, nimble sports car on the water!

Go Solo Or Take A Crew

The SUV Crescent Crew VS the Sports Car FeelFree Aventura V2

With the Crew and the Aventura in my fleet, I can cover pretty much any day at the beach! When the weather is cool, I love to go for long kayak trips and explore new creeks and bays. But when it is 100 degrees outside – I just want to pack my largest cooler with ice and some beverages and anchor out in the river. And if I get too lazy, I can throw the trolling motor on the back of the Crew and just sit back and steer!

Wayne Hare

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