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TRIP - Urbanna Creek / Rappahannock River

TRIP – Urbanna Creek / Rappahannock River

One of my favorite places in Virginia – Urbanna! I have had a boat here for most of my life and always enjoy sailing, swimming or paddling in “the creek”. Urbanna Creek leads down from Saluda into town and out to the Rappahannock River about 8 miles up from the Chesapeake Bay. This area is of course tidal salt water, but the...

First Paddle Of Spring!  Urbanna Creek

First Paddle Of Spring! Urbanna Creek

Urbanna Creek is located in Middlesex County VA. The town of Saluda is on the south side and the town of Urbanna is on the North with a bridge connecting the two towns. I practiced social distancing on this beautiful spring day with a temperature of 80 degrees. Unfortunately, the wind kept building until the creek turned from a lake into a...

Social Distancing By Kayak

Social Distancing By Kayak

The current pandemic has allowed for endless time to spend in the plastic boat! There is always something new to see and experience in a kayak – even if you paddle the same rivers and creeks every time. The weather is always different, the wildlife, the tides, etc. I have stayed in the Urbanna area along the various creeks feeding the lower...