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FeelFree Aventura V2 14′ Kayak Review

I’ve been so busy building a kayak trailer and getting the boats customized for the season, that I haven’t really done an in-depth review – or even taken a long paddle in my new Aventura 14. The FeelFree Aventura is a lively 14′ sea kayak designed to take paddlers to the next level. Most people who live in Richmond Virginia like I...

crescent crew kayak review

Crescent Crew Tandem – The Big Man’s SUV Kayak

I have had the Crescent Crew tandem for about a month now and wanted to do a more in-depth review of this boat. I’m a big guy at 6’ 1” and 240 pounds.  I was looking for a “big man’s” kayak that could haul people and gear like an SUV.  I also wanted to have the option of adding a trolling motor...

the truck racks give added space to load extra boats. the expanded aluminum deck was painted black to match the racks with truck bed liner.

Custom Kayak Trailer Build

Custom kayak trailer built up from Ironton utility trailer kits from Northern Tool. The original tongue is only 4′, so a custom 12′ replacement was made locally in by the Richmond Metal Supermarket. The new tongue is 2.5″ boxed aluminum and is bolted across all three cross-members. The truck racks give added space to load extra boats. The expanded aluminum deck was...

the suv crescent crew vs the sports car feelfree aventura v2

Kayaks: The SUV VS The Sports Car

Over the last 20 years, I’ve had a number of kayaks from 10′ up to 16′ by different manufacturers. Some worked well – but some just didn’t get the job done. This spring, I have narrowed the fleet down to two boats that fit just about any conditions except the true whitewater rapids in Virginia. I mainly paddle in the Rappahannock River,...

virginia by kayak - kayak shop visit to oak creek outfittiers in gloucester county va

Kayak Shop Visit – Oak Tree Outfitters

Since the pandemic, kayaks have been hard to come by. But Oak Tree Outfitters in Gloucester County VA has a fresh supply! I picked up a new Crescent Crew yesterday and couldn’t believe how many boats Travis has in inventory right now! FeelFree, Vanhunks, Vibe, Three Rivers, etc., etc. Fishing kayaks, SUP’s, recreational boats – you know they won’t last long. Summer...

virginia by kayak trip to mill creek boat landing rappahannock river

Kayak Trip: Mill Creek Boat Landing Rappahannock River

Two-Hour Paddle Around Parrott Island at the mouth of Mill Creek on the Rappahannock River Wake VA on the Rappahannock River has the only public beach in Middlesex County. There is a boat landing just a bit upriver from the beach, but I had heard it was silted in and unusable. The ramp is on Mill Creek, so I decided to take...

feelfree aventura v2 - 14' sea kayak

FeelFree Aventura V2 – 14′ Sea Kayak Review

I celebrated spring by buying a 2021 FeelFree Aventura V2 14′ kayak with skeg! After being wait-listed for over a year, I found that Oak Tree Outfitters in Gloucester VA had stock on many FeelFree and Vibe kayaks in their shop. Owner, Travis Jenkins, had the Aventura in stock and in my color. He has a great selection of fishing kayaks right...

the weather was perfect for a relaxing paddle down the creek and out to the rappahannock river!

Spring Day In Urbanna VA

The weather was perfect for a relaxing paddle down the creek and out to the Rappahannock River! My daily kayak “commute” is paddling from Oak’s Landing in Saluda down Urbanna Creek through the town and out to the Rappahannock River. My kayak boathouse is in Saluda – just a few miles from the landing on Urbanna Creek. This little town hasn’t changed...

gci outdoor sitbacker adjustable seat

Kayak Seat Upgrade Or Retrofit

I found this great kayak seat upgrade that just drops into the seat well in my kayak. It gives me all-day paddling comfort, and can go in and out instantly for use on shore. The high back is great for support, while not hindering a full trunk rotation when paddling. GCI Outdoor Sit Backer Adjustable Seat Designed for canoes, this seat has...

unbelievably fluffy and warm – this high quality cozy fleece blanket is impossible to leave behind, wherever one might go. the perfect size for snuggling on the couch, by the fireplace or at outdoor events.

Custom Nautical Blankets

Unbelievably fluffy and warm – these high quality cozy fleece blankets are impossible to leave behind – wherever you might go. The perfect size to use on the boat, or when just snuggling on the couch by the fireplace. Custom made-to-order blankets. Sherpa lined back for extra warmth and comfort. Keep some extras on hand! These blankets would be great to have...

rappahannock river in urbanna va

The Perfect Summer Day!

We have had a lot of cool and rainy days this spring, but it is finally starting to feel like summer here on the last week of June. Every “River Rat” needs a T-Shirt!

social distancing by kayak urbanna creek

Social Distancing By Kayak

The current pandemic has allowed for endless time to spend in the plastic boat! There is always something new to see and experience in a kayak – even if you paddle the same rivers and creeks every time. The weather is always different, the wildlife, the tides, etc. I have stayed in the Urbanna area along the various creeks feeding the lower...