Kayak Seat Upgrade Or Retrofit

I found this great kayak seat upgrade that just drops into the seat well in my kayak. It gives me all-day paddling comfort, and can go in and out instantly for use on shore. The high back is great for support, while not hindering a full trunk rotation when paddling.

GCI Outdoor Sit Backer Adjustable Seat

Designed for canoes, this seat has many of the features we are seeing in the new high-end fishing kayaks. But it is a very affordable upgrade for older boats, or entry level boats that have the traditional thin-pad seats.

  • Works on kayaks or canoes
  • The seat has a metal frame on the back and thick padding on the bottom
  • Adjustable seat angle to get just the right fit
  • Seat-back mesh pocket to hold small items
  • Portage strap to keep it closed up for transport
  • Straps on the bottom to fasten it
  • Easy to put in or take out and use on shore or another boat

The strap and portage lock make it a snap to carry to the water. This seat is strong and lightweight and gives me great back support when spending the day on the water.

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Wayne Hare

Wayne Hare is an avid kayaker living in Richmond VA and paddling all over the state of Virginia.